Audition London April 9th, 2013

It is week 15 in 2013 and I had -again- the luck to do one of my one-day-audition-travels to London on Tuesday, April 9th. I truly love days like this. I wake up, get ready and within a few hours I am in Central London where busyness has a different taste than in Berlin i.e.
The businesswomen and -men rushing down the streets grabbing a quick coffee and hurrying to their next meeting. The tourists chatting in the tube and scanning the map for their next destination, eager not to forget the enjoyment of their vacation. Especially in the tube you can touch the nervous air of the Londoners trying hard to tolerate the disturbing disruption of the city-stream that only the locals can have.
You can experience that in every big city of the world. The citizens have this non-verbal agreement of how their community works. It is the heartbeat of the city. Tourists are like aliens in this microcosmos, like this little bug that is all of a sudden in your face pacing you down and forcing you to loop your way.

I must admit when I am in my working mode I am in this little bubble: I can see, hear and feel the outside world, but I am also so concentrated that I can hear my own heartbeat. It is a strange condition of being which is hard to describe. All my antennae are wide open. It is like being a superhero having all their abilities: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling are full power on. It is truly like having access to a different matrix. But this different sensory perception is not only applicable to the outside world but even more to my personal existence. So, yes, I am in this bubble shutting down the outside and inside challenges until the moment the camera rolls.

As soon as I arrived in Central London I took the tube to Embankment, crossed the Thames and walked down South Bank to Tate Modern enjoying the mild temperature. I didn’t have much time, so I strolled a bit the permanent exhibition and lingered on
Cory Arcangel’s COLORS (2005). What an amazing work! I loved it! Just the right thing to fill my being with.

Then I was heading back to Charing Cross to meet one of my agents. We had a nice chat and an afternoon tea. Truly inspiring with loads of vibrant input.

Yes! This is the right state of mind for the audition! So I went to Coptic Street Studios stopping quickly at Sainsbury’s to get my favorite Earl Grey tea. I was early. I am ALWAYS early. But this time it was also on purpose. My flight back was scheduled at 07:50 pm. Gates closing at 07:15 pm. One hour is a bit tight in London to get to one of the airports. So I went in asking the younger-and-a-taller-and-skinnier-version of Dan Auerbach if he could put me in a bit earlier. “Sure, darling.” Oh God! I love the Brits! “I appreciate it.” I filled in the questionnaire and walked down the stairs to the filming studio. I was excited to meet
Debs&Emma. On the wooden bench I saw a printout. Curiously I picked it up to have a look: it was a brief about what would happen during the audition. They were planning a little interview and then they had two question:
1. What would you do if you won 6 million pounds?
2. What would you take to a desert island? (Things that you couldn’t live without.)
What would your answers be???

I was right on time at the airport. Tired, fulfilled and happy after a 19 hours day I arrived at home.